Strategic Partners

Through our network of affiliated partners, we’ll provide you with a team-based approach to delivering best-in-class service and support.
Partnership Defined
Years of relationship-building have helped us build an extensive network of peer experts. We’ll assess your situation and, if necessary, bring in the right industry experts to help you solve for your unique challenges and opportunities. In turn, you’ll leverage the power of our relationships to earn preferred support from the following firms.

Industry Data & Analytics

Wise Insights

WISE is a boutique analytics and advisory firm founded on the belief that wealth managers and trust companies deserve the type of high-quality data analytics that are common elsewhere.

Our IM&T, Wealth Management, and Brokerage Performance Assessment provides detailed comparative data and analysis about profitability, growth, sales, team productivity, and spending. We focus on what matters most: the essential data you need for evaluating your firm’s performance, for making decisions, and for communicating with stakeholders. The assessment gives you access to aggregate KPIs and trend data for 100+ bank wealth managers and trust companies nationwide, from small firms to large, national brands.

Our goal is to help you make decisions about your business – its risks and opportunities—by bringing a fresh, evidence-based perspective to your decision-making.

Wealth/Trust Unification

Strategic Advisory Consulting Group

The Bielan Group and Strategic Advisory Consulting Group will draw on their collective experience to help clients build strong, integrated wealth management organizations. Together they’ll generate a well-defined strategy, then create lasting momentum to change behaviors and processes within your team.

Dave Coffaro, Founder of SACG, has more than 30 years of experience as a strategic organizational advisor, leader of diverse teams, and developer of people. A proven designer and initiator of growth-focused business strategies, Dave continues to refine his craft and lead his profession. SACG was founded on his experience and he is the engine that continually drives us to provide expert insights and produce practical results.

Advisor Training & Development

Cannon Financial Institute

Cannon Financial Institute equips people and organizations with practical solutions. With over 60 years of institutional knowledge and each instructor with four decades of real-world experience, Cannon is recognized as a leading training and professional development firm within financial services.

Cannon constructs tailored consulting and blended learning solutions that create immediate and sustainable impact. Their instruction in technical and sales skills is regarded as the industry standard in areas of personal trust, corporate trust, wealth management sales, relationship and practice management, retirement planning, operations, risk management, audit and compliance, and investment management.

Compliance & Regulatory Consulting

Dinsmore Compliance Services

Dinsmore Compliance Services (DCS), an affiliate of Dinsmore, offers customized, outsourced compliance services to SEC registered RIA’s.

Jeff Chapman, Executive Vice President of Dinsmore Compliance Services, is an experienced investment industry senior executive with more than 30 years of experience leading fixed income, foreign exchange, commodities, retail brokerage, and interest rate management businesses. Jeff has a proven track record of building and growing profitable businesses from inception to maturity.

Operations & Technology Consulting

Carpenter Operations Group

Chris Carpenter is an industry veteran and executive with a proven record in helping firms improve operations functions, reduce operational costs, and provide a better product for clients. Chris has experience as both a vendor and consumer of operational services. He has worked with small and large firms in a variety of financial service business lines including bank trust and custody, broker/dealers, and RIAs alike.

Chris has architected numerous strategic operational and system solutions, created and implemented operational strategies for organizations, and created new products and services. He also has significant experience in managing transitions as a result of technology and organizational change.

Executive Coaching

Arthur Osman & Company

Arthur Osman & Company provides management consulting, coaching, executive and advisory services to wealth management community. Working with financial institutions, wealth management firms and executive leaders to navigate change, run high performing teams and businesses, create organizational conditions for success, and lead with excellence.

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The Bielan Group
About Us
The Bielan Group provides the Wealth Management Industry with the experience and resources to help firms make more informed decisions and enhance business performance.
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The Bielan Group
About Us
The Bielan Group provides the Wealth Management Industry with the experience and resources to help firms make more informed decisions and enhance business performance.
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